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The CLiK64 Series

The CLiK64™ Series is a line of radio frequency products to meet the demands of the security industry. CLiK64 uses a proprietary encryption and the latest in radio frequency technology to ensure accurate and reliable data transmission. The system operates in a license-free ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) frequency band of 433 MHz. ISM band is permissable in most parts of the world.

CLiK64™ transmitters use crystal based phase-locked loop (PLL) and SMT technology to provide reliable and secure long range access. Convenient visual indicators on the transmitter confirm data transmission when the button is pressed. Receiver diagnostic tools include an RF activity LED, a data transmission indicator and a range test relay to perform one-man verification tests. Corporate coding is available for the transmitter to ensure no duplication of ID codes.

3 Volt lithium coin battery, CR2032. Innovative firmware extends the battery life to over three years. All CLiK64™ transmitters have a unqiue time-out feature to prevent a transmitter from continuously transmitting causing excessive battery drain.

CLiK64™ Encrypted key features and benefits include:

  • Dual technology lets you press a button for long range vehicular access and present the transmitter for pedestrian access. Proximity brands offered: HID, AWID and others.
  • Incremental Packet Transmission (IPT) ensures each transmission is unique thus preventing code grabbing or duplication of IDs.
  • Weather-resistant receiver housing enables it to be directly mounted outdoors. (NEMA 4X)
  • The receiver can accommodate up to 64-bit proprietary code format, 26-bit Wiegand standard.
  • A variety of button arrangements are available consisting of one, two, or four buttons per transmitter key tag to match your application.
  • Weather-resistant construction in a NEMA 4X enclosure with an operating temperature of -30° to 68° C. [-22° ot 155° F]
  • Variety of antennas: A convenient F-connector on the receiver enables a Whip or Dipole antenna to be connected in order to adjust the reception range from 100 to over 300 feet.

Proudly Canadian
ActiveSecure Inc.905-635-2993